A Few Tips to Improve Your Blackjack Odds

Blackjack can be a tough game to win. Not only do you have to have skill, but you also need luck. That is why even the most experienced blackjack player can hit a dry spell once in a while. However, if you listen to the tips of the professionals, chances are that you will be able to improve you game, increase your chances of winning and even make a profit on your playing over a period of time.

Find a Table with Some Interesting Rules

In straight up blackjack, the house is favored. Of course, no matter what set of rules you are playing with the house is always favored. However, any time special rules are introduced they are generally to the player's, rather than the house's, advantage.

For instance, you should look for a table whose minimum bet is no more than five percent of the money that you're willing to gamble on that day. Anymore and you'll find yourself out of cash very quickly. It helps to bet small until you increase your pile.

Other rules that give players the option of doubling down on any card of their choosing are helpful. So is the rule that the dealer has to stand on a soft seventeen. This last one especially will increase your chances of taking home money at the end of the night.

Learn the Basics of the Dealer's Cards

Besides knowing what you need to do with your cards, online casino review tells that you should learn what the dealer is going to have to do with his cards. Remember that the dealer has to hit any hand below seventeen. That means that if the dealer eight points or above you should take a hit on a hand lower than seventeen.

Conversely, if the dealer is showing a four, five, or six you should stand on a hand above eleven. Forty percent of the time the dealer will bust on that hand.

Don't Be Afraid to Double Down

If you double down you not only double your bet, but you also get one more card. In this instance you can win big if you are showing a nine or a thirteen through seventeen if you are counting the ace as eleven.

Doubling down is often ignored, especially by new players. Make sure you're not one of them as doubling down is a great way to up your odds and your payout.

Split if You Can

Split if you get an ace. Split eights and sevens as well as twos and threes if they are up again a four, five, or six. This gives you two bets and two hands to play, thereby giving you a better chance at winning. Just remember to never split a face card, ten, or five.

A Little Tip Can Go A Long Way

The dealer can't control the fall of the cards, but they might be more inclined your way if you tip them. Even as little as a dollar every two dozen hands is a good idea.