Oldies but Goodies - Playing Classic Slots

One of the most ubiquitous features of the casino is the rows and rows of slot machines. While card games such as blackjack and games of chance like online craps are also very popular, when most people think of going to a casino they think of the flashing lights and spinning wheels of the slot machine.

Slot Machines Today

If you haven't been to a casino in a while you might be a trifle mystified by the variety of slot machines that are available today. So many slot machines have been made in homage of television shows, movies, and popular destinations. They are fun and colorful but they are also sometimes quite confusing.

To compound that, there are many different ways to play the slots these days. There are even some machines that will give you the opportunity to win on twenty five different lines. Even seemingly simple looking slots might have five or seven different spinning reels that you have to monitor.

Inside and outside of the casino so many slots are now video slots. There is a lot of great software on the market with truly stunning graphics, but there is something very satisfying about pulling a level and watching actual wheels spin in 3D. These fancy, computerizes slots are especially popular in online casinos.

The Nostalgic Classic Slot Machine

The classic slot machine has three reels and one line on which you can win. You pull the lever and the three reels turn. When they line up in the middle that determines what and how much you win. These are the slots that you have seen in old black and white movies.

Don't think that this old world charm has been lost in the digital age. First of all, there are enough players who enjoy the physical feel of traditional slots that most brick and mortar casinos still keep a few machines around. Granted, they might be retro-fitted to accept your casino debit card, but they are still the slot machines that you know and love.

You can also find the construction of classic slot machines in online casinos and at different software providers. The lever is replaced by the click of the mouse, but the design is the same. You'll probably also see the classic cherry, gold coin, and number motifs as well. These classic slot games can be found in many online casinos such as Rushmore Online and Blackjack-US.

Playing the Classic Slots

Due to federal regulations, there are very few slot machine casino websites that will let US players play the slots on their site. You need to hunt around to find the right ones. Fortunately, the aforementioned Rushmore Online and Blackjack-US have the classic slots that you crave.