Swiss Casino Bonuses

Bonuses at the Swiss Casino offers many casino bonuses for its customers and by taking advantage of the bonuses that the casino provides a person can earn a significantly larger amount of money by playing games at the casino.

The Welcome Bonus
There is a casino welcome bonus of €400 available at the casino. When a new player deposits at least €20, they will receive a bonus of €100. The next three times that a player makes a deposit, they will receive another €100 bonus.

Bonuses for High Rollers
This bonus is specifically designed for players who frequently bet a large amount of money when playing games at the casino, and the more money that a person deposits, the higher their bonus will be.

-If a person deposits between €1,000 and €1,499, they will receive a bonus of €300.

-A deposit that is between the amounts of €1,500 and €2,999 will generate a bonus of €500.

-When a person deposits €3,000 or more, they will receive a bonus of €1,000.

-These bonuses will be directly added to the total amount of funds in a person's account when a person makes their deposit.

Bonuses for Alternative Methods Payment
The Swiss Casino offers many methods of payment, and people can quickly deposit funds into their accounts by using most major credit cards, debit cards, an ACH transfer, a wire transfer and many online payment processors.

If a person makes a deposit by using a Moneybookers account or a Netteller account, they will receive a bonus of 100% of the amount of their initial deposit.

Moneybookers and Netteller are both trusted payment processors, and making a deposit with either one of them is easy and convenient.

When a customer makes a deposit by using another payment processor that the casino accepts, such as Click2Pay, they will receive a bonus of 15% of the amount of their deposit.

The Special Promotional Code
In addition to the other bonuses that the casino offers, Swiss Casino offers a promotional code for all new players when they sign up. When a person enters the promo code, they will receive a bonus of up to €400 when they make their first deposit.

The amount of the bonus is automatically determined by the system, and it can vary widely.